How-to for clients

Searching for a great real estate agent or an experienced loan officer in your area can be difficult. Even if you already have a recommendation from a friend or relative, who's to say the recommended real estate professional will be the right fit for you and your situation? In the end, it comes down to doing your own research, comparing your options, looking through reviews, and contacting all the potential agents. This process takes a lot of time and effort - what if there was an easier way? With Rionta, you can find all of this information in one place, and get immediate help from real estate professionals in your area - even after regular business hours!

  1. Register in one minute, or less
  2. Create your service request with an easy click, skip the interview, or add a simple note to local realtors describing your needs
  3. Receive 5 replies from local professionals in minutes
  4. Review the profiles of professionals who respond
  5. Call or send a message to one or more professionals who will be ready to help
  6. Add the agents you like to your TEAM to have their contact information on hand. RIONTA mobile site is always available on your phone

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