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Use our service to connect with real estate professionals in your area. Our user-rated professional profiles will help you find the best local real estate agent for your needs.

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Are you tired of sifting through dozens of online websites of professionals in your area, only to be forwarded to an answering machine? Do you want to tour a property, but don’t have an appointment set up with an agent? Use Rionta to immediately connect with professionals and get the help you need, fast.

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Assemble your home team of real estate professionals, communicate with them, and monitor your transactions – all from your computer or smartphone.

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Your Rionta home team

You want only the best professionals to be on your home team when buying a home, selling a property, or trying to get real estate financing. But what makes a professional the best fit for you? Experience, knowledge of the ...


Help when you need it

Maybe you are driving around the neighborhood and see the perfect home you were looking for. There is a phone number on the for-sale sign, but when you call you only get forwarded to an answering machine, or are calling ...


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MaryAnn K.

We saw a house for sale while driving by in our neighborhood and wanted to see inside, but when I called the listing agent there was an answering machine. A friend had told me about Rionta before. All I had ...

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Real estate professionals registered to provide services through Rionta portal have their licenses verified, experience and professional skills rated by the former clients, and contact information confirmed. Profiles have all the most important information you may need to reach a ...



Searching for a great real estate agent or an experienced loan officer in your area can be difficult. Even if you already have a recommendation from a friend or relative, who's to say the recommended real estate professional will be ...


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Kim M.

Rionta pays for itself almost immediately. As soon as I signed up, I started getting several new leads every day from motivated buyers who are eager to meet right away. In addition, the portal includes great contact management tools. I ...

Joseph N.

"My favorite thing about Rionta is the immediate boost to my business. My pipeline of leads has tripled in the last month thanks to Rionta. When the new leads contact me they are usually motivated and ready to buy or ...