Help when you need it

Maybe you are driving around the neighborhood and see the perfect home you were looking for. There is a phone number on the for-sale sign, but when you call, you get forwarded to an answering machine or you end up calling after-hours.

There is a simpler way to get help when you need it. Login to the Rionta portal, send a request for our real estate professional services, and wait for several top rated professionals to contact you right away, ready to assist. Along with contact information, you will also receive profile info, ratings from past clients, and licensing information.

Maybe you and your spouse are discussing your rental lease continuation, and you’re interested in looking into buying a home instead. You want to look into it now, but it’s after-hours.

Why wait until the next business day, when you can use Rionta portal to see if any top rated loan officers registered to provide services in your area are available to talk to you now? Submit your request for services and wait for first 5 of them, who are ready to help you right away, to send you their contact information.

Real estate professionals registered to provide services through Rionta portal have their licenses verified, experience and professional skills rated by the former clients, and contact information confirmed. Profiles have all the most important information you may need to reach a decision by evaluating their experience, professional skills, and achievements.
Review their information, and contact any of the real estate professionals we introduce to you to see which one is right for you.

When looking through agent’s personal website reviews and testimonials, how you can be sure that those rating are made by real clients of the professionals?

Rionta portal removes those doubts – only former clients who are registered in Rionta and have the professional in home team list can rate and review professional service quality.

Talk to top professionals rated by their real clients. Use Rionta portal to draft your home team.