Professionals share opinion about Rionta

agent_kimberlyRionta pays for itself almost immediately. As soon as I signed up, I started getting several new leads every day from motivated buyers who are eager to meet right away. In addition, the portal includes great contact management tools. I used to have many pieces of paper with names and phone numbers lying around my office, but now I just enter the names and phone numbers of new callers into the Rionta portal, and it allows me to easily pull up the relevant notes when the client calls me back. The portal also makes it easy to stay in touch with my old clients to see how they are enjoying their houses and whether they are ready to make their next moves. The portal interface is clean and not cluttered, unlike some other products that I have tried in the past. This simplicity makes it easy to manage all my contacts seamlessly from my computer and from my mobile phone.

Kim M.San Francisco, CA

My favorite thing about Rionta is the immediate boost to my business. My pipeline of leads has tripled in the last month thanks to Rionta. When the new leads contact me they are usually motivated and ready to buy or sell immediately.

Joseph N.Boston, MA

Rionta is the top CRM platform for real estate, in my opinion. It makes it easy-peasy to find, nurture, and convert leads into closed deals. With Rionta, you can close deals fast, whether you are working at your office or on the road. You can access and update your data any time with the Rionta mobile site, which adds speed, intelligence, and personalization to every transaction.

Alexa V.Miami, FL

Rionta portal allows you to get all the information that you need on one screen, so that you could sell faster. The portal makes it easy to follow up on leads and to identify the key contacts. You can see a clear, customizable view of all your sales details on one screen. This way, you can spend less time digging through spreadsheets and more time selling. A free e-signing app is included with the professional service, making it even easier and faster to close transactions.

Patricia C.Seattle, WA