How-to for professionals

Getting new clients is easy with Rionta

  1. Register to provide services
  2. Confirm your contact phone number
  3. Create your public profile by adding information about you. Your homepage in the portal will be created automatically
  4. Invite your former clients to join RIONTA and write reviews about your services
  5. Activate your profile
  6. Requests for services in your area of service will be sent to your desktop application, as well as your email
  7. See details of the requests and messages from clients
  8. Reply with an automatic message, or add your personal comment to be sent to the client
Remember that Rionta clients value quick response the most. Monitor Rionta portal while using CRM, or check your e-mails often for incoming service requests notifications. Our interface makes accepting incoming requests as simple as pressing a button.
Try to use Rionta CRM for your daily business communication with your clients: schedule appointments, take notes, manage your transactions documents. It was designed by real estate professionals, so only most essential and useful tools are included.

We wish you good luck and many new customers